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Web-Sleuths: The New FBI

How does law enforcement catch serial killers? Particularly clever serial killers who do not, under any circumstances, want to be caught? [There are a good number of sexual serial murderers who have an unconscious or even conscious desire to be caught but simply cannot stop killing].

The answer isn't good. There are great detectives and prosecutors out there doing their best to catch the monsters, but in many areas of the country, unfortunately, the stance is to "wait and see." They'll use the excuse of "We're waiting for him to make a mistake" to cover what they're actually doing: hoping the killings stop and he goes away. How many deaths happen as they wait is not something considered.

I'm not entirely blaming law enforcement: We do NOT give them enough money and resources and constantly expect our police and prosecutors to do more with less. It's not fair to them and it's not fair to us, but that's simply how it is.

But a new trend has emerged that I'm very excited about: web-sleuthing. Essentially it is the act of crowd sourcing investigations. Amateur sleuths from around the world can log into forums and participate in investigations, each person brining their own unique skills and attributes. They have been solving a surprising number of cold cases and I'm excited to see where this trend takes us.

If you're interested in checking it out, there's plenty of sites out there. Here's a great one:


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